Wildcat Winter Survival

Over Christmas break you may have seen images on IWU’s social media of the campus looking like a beautiful winter wonderland snow globe. Wintertime in Wildcat Country can be so magical and festive. While this is true, the following images accurately portray how intense the winters in central Indiana can be.

Here are the facts…
  1. The snow will be deep.
  2. The ice will be slippery.
  3. The wind will be harsh.
  4. The temperature will be below zero.

These facts are not meant to scare you, but to help you prepare your student for their Wildcat Country winter experience. Remember, thousands of students CHOOSE to return to Marion every year despite the weather! Believe us, it’s worth it.

This being said, the following list contains items we believe your student should possess in order to make the most out of their winter experience in Wildcat Country. Click here for a more general list of what every IWU student needs.

Wildcat Winter Survival Kit

  1. Coat with a hood

    This may sound obvious, but a good hood helps preserve a ton of body heat. Whenever any part of your skin is exposed to cold, you’re losing the heat your body naturally produces. A hood helps preserve that heat and, therefore, helps prevent sickness.

  2. Waterproof Boots with good tread

    Temperature changes are quite frequent here. This means it’s common for the sun to come out and turn our sidewalks into small rivers. If your student is without waterproof boots, they will experience a fair amount of unpleasantness. While you’re on the lookout for waterproof boots, you might as well check the tread to prevent your student from slipping on ice patches.

  3. Face Scarf

    The wind can be relentless. Your student will learn the true meaning of cold anytime they’re walking from the Lodges to Maxwell! Using a face scarf will protect their exposed face and prevent chapped lips/wind burn.

  4. Gloves with the touch screen tips

    Again, any part of the body that’s exposed can reduce body temperature. By using gloves with touch tips, students are able to operate their technology on the way to class without risking exposure to the cold.

  5. Behind-the-head earmuffs

    Imagine your student having a great hair day and then having to ruin it by putting on a hat to walk across campus. Behind the head earmuffs keep their head nice and toasty without threatening their stylish hair.

  6. Hand warmers

    Students with poor circulation in their hands or feet will always appreciate the extra boost of warmth that these pouches provide! The little packets can be broken and put into either gloves or boots to help protect the student’s extremities.

  7. Activewear

    Without as many opportunities for physical activity, some students may experience forms of seasonal depression. Encourage your student to take advantage of the campus Recreation and Wellness Center by making sure they have what they need to take a swim, climb the rock wall, or just walk the track!

  8. Happy Light

    Students may feel unmotivated during the wintertime due to the lack of sunshine. The Happy Light is designed to mimic the sunlight our bodies needs without producing harmful UV light. Many students find using a Happy Light in their dorm room to be a helpful tool for surviving the winter.

Did we miss anything? Comment below to complete our Wildcat Winter Survival Kit!

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