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It’s the Small Things

At Indiana Wesleyan University, we value the unique path that has led each student to this campus. That means there are over 3,000 different stories on campus waiting to be told. Here’s just one, yet compelling, story from Rachel Rogers, an IWU alum with a degree in Leadership Studies, that exemplifies the power of a simple ‘hello’:

“I originally contacted IWU because I needed another school to send my SAT scores to. I was interested in a different school entirely, and I had no intention of even visiting. However, after a couple of months of phone calls from admissions, I decided to at least visit and see the campus. I came in July when students were not on campus. My mom was with me, and after we were in the Admissions Office for about ten minutes I left to use the bathroom. On my way back, I ran into one of the housekeepers in the hallway. He said hello to me, asked me my name and asked me what I was interested in studying. He then proceeded to talk to me for ten minutes about my life, my dreams about college and why Indiana Wesleyan was special. At the end of the conversation, he showed me back to the Admissions Office and told me to enjoy my visit, and that he hoped to see me around later. 

The housekeeper is what persuaded me to come to Indiana Wesleyan. I knew that any school where the housekeeping staff was passionate about the institution is a place that I wanted to be. His enthusiasm and personal touch is why I came here. The tour and admissions meeting that followed reinforced my decision, but I had actually made the choice to come before I even started my tour. That housekeeper is why I came, and he painted such a wonderful picture of IWU that every other school paled in comparison.

Indiana Wesleyan is special, a place where all of the faculty, staff and employees contribute to the Christ-centered environment. I would choose IWU all over again; the housekeeper did not lead me astray.”

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