Thanksgiving Check Out

If you and your student are new to the IWU community, you may have questions about breaks—especially with Thanksgiving break quickly approaching. (YAY!) Because campus will be closed, all students must check out of their residence halls until campus reopens. To help ensure a smooth checkout process, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions!

1. When does checkout occur?

Your student will need to check out of his or her residence hall by Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 10 a.m. Your student may check out prior to Wednesday morning if they choose. If your student needs to stay on campus longer or needs to stay with a host family, your student can contact housing@indwes.eduto request an exemption.

2. How can my student check out?

Your student and his or her roommate and suitemates will be provided with a list of cleaning duties your student must perform before leaving. Additionally, there will be space provided on the list for your student to sign their name and note the time of their departure.

3. What cleaning duties need to be performed?

Before checkout, students are required to fill out a checklist of cleaning duties that will be included on the sign-out sheet given to your student, their roommate and suitemates. This checklist will be taped to your student’s door. Some cleaning duties include sweeping the floor, unplugging lamps and extension cords, cleaning the bathroom toilet and shower, wiping down the sink and emptying trash cans.

4. What will happen while my student is gone?

After all students have left, residence life staff members will conduct health and safety checks to ensure each room is clean and in adherence of the health and safety codes. Students will be given an opportunity to make corrections to any violations of the health and safety code before receiving a fine.

5. When can my student return to campus?

Your student’s residence hall will reopen on Sunday, Nov. 25. Your student will be able to enter their residence hall at 1 p.m. at the earliest.

6. Will this checkout process apply to other breaks?

Your student will need to complete the same checkout process for Christmas Break, Spring Break and Easter Break. Because Christmas break will last longer, your student will need to remember to unplug major appliances, such as mini-fridges, in addition to their usual cleaning duties.

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