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Has your student been experiencing stress this semester? As a parent, we know you want to make sure your student is doing well. If you are looking for ways to encourage your student through the next couple months of the semester, then this is the list for you!

  1. Send a Card

If your student is homesick or having a rough day, a card with a handwritten note from home may be the perfect way to remind your student that they are loved and supported—no matter how far from home.

  1. Order Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Amidst the stress of writing papers and passing exams, flowers are a great surprise. Flowers can be ordered for delivery from several Marion florists, such as Avas Flowers or Vice’s Marion Floral Company.

  1. Send a McConn Gift Card

Grabbing a McConn fresh brew with a friend or sipping on a latte while doing homework can help your student relax in the midst of assignments, exams and presentations. Gift cards are available for purchase at

  1. Order Cookies

Freshly baked cookies during a study break are an immediate stress reliever, especially when your student does not have time to make treats themselves. IWU’s food service company, Pioneer College Caterers, offers a great service that allows you to easily send your student freshly baked cookies and other goodies. To order, go to

  1. Send a Care Package

Sometimes a care package is an easy way to help your student get through the day—especially during finals week. Wildcat Care Packs—care packages prepared by the IWU Alumni Association— are available to purchase now! If interested, be sure to place your order by Nov. 21, and you’re student will receive a care pack through campus mail during finals week. Order online at

Was this list helpful? Has your student enjoyed any of these gifts from you in the past? Let us know in the comments below!




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