5 Things To Do Before the Semester Ends

The spring semester ends all too quickly for IWU students, and it seems like there are a million things for your student to do, which can make this a stressful time of the year. To help ease the stress, we have compiled a list of helpful things to remind your student to do while finishing the semester strong.

  1. Download Transcripts

If your student will be graduating this year, it is helpful to know ahead of time that now is a good time for your student to download his or her unofficial transcript from the portal. After graduation, the portal will no longer be available to your student, and transcripts will be more difficult to obtain. A copy of your student’s transcript will be useful when applying to graduate schools and jobs. Some certificates may also require a copy of your student’s transcript. After graduation, students can contact the Registrar’s Office to get a copy of their transcript.


  1. Make Name and Address Changes

It is important for your student to notify the University of any name or mailing address changes. Graduating seniors will receive their diplomas in the mail. To update their mailing address, your student can go to https://www.indwes.edu/alumni/. A form for address changes, name changes and other life events is available by clicking the “Update Your Info” button.


  1. Download Major Projects

If your student is building a professional portfolio, they may want to save any major projects or papers from the online learning system. If these assignments were submitted to Brightspace, your student may download them from the assignment drop box now. Access to classes and assignments via Brightspace is unavailable after the end of the semester. These projects and papers may be useful for records and portfolios later—even if your student is still in the early stages of their college career.


  1. Collect Recommendation Letters & Internship Information

All students planning on applying for jobs and internships over the summer should ask their professors to write general recommendation letters that can be used for a variety of applications. Your student may also earn college credit from summer internships. Find out what requirements your student’s academic division may have for earning credit from internships.


  1. Solidify Summer Class Arrangements

If your student will be attending a summer class, it will be helpful to compare his or her summer class schedule to your family’s vacation schedule. If classes meet during your family’s vacation, it is best for your student to contact his or her professor early to make arrangements for missed classes.

Reminding your student to complete the small tasks will reduce stress overall and allow your student to look forward to enjoying their summer. Was this list helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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