What *Not* to Bring to IWU

We know how stressful it can be preparing your student for college! Freshman year marks a new and unfamiliar period in your student’s life. On top of preparing academically and mentally, packing can get overwhelming. To help guide this process and prevent your student from packing unnecessaryitems—which can take up valuable space—we have compiled a list of things your student should plan to leave at home.

Laundry Utilities

Every residence hall at IWU is equipped with multiple laundry rooms for students to use free of charge, so your student will not need to bring quarters to pay for their laundry. Laundry facilities also include an iron and ironing board for student use. The only things your student will need to bring to do laundry are their own detergent and fabric softener.


IWU provides free Wi-Fi for students and guests on campus, so your student will not need to bring their own router.

Prohibited Items

Your student may be tempted to bring a candle or incense to give their room a nice scent, but due to their flammability, it is required that those items to be left at home. Additionally, your student will not need to bring a bed loft. IWU provides safe, rental lofts every year when requested on the housing page. Microwaves are another example of an item that IWU prohibits from its residence halls, but dorm-safe microwaves are available in the communal kitchen of each residence hall. Microwave/mini-fridge combo units are available for rent through an outside vendor – bedloft.com.

Kitchen Appliances

Each residence hall is equipped with a communal kitchen for students to use. Your student will not need to bring baking sheets, sauce pans, spatulas or cutlery. Residence halls only request that students clean the kitchen and wash and put away the dishes they have used.

Vacuum Cleaners

Your student is strongly encouraged to clean their room and bathroom, so cleaning supplies— such as Clorox wipes and dust rags— will come in handy. However, IWU provides each residence hall with multiple vacuum cleaners for students to use when cleaning their rooms, so your student will not need to worry about storing a vacuum cleaner.

Items of Value

We understand that your student will need to bring some expensive things, such as their laptop or cell phone, but we do encourage students to leave behind anything that they do not want to be lost or stolen. Family heirlooms or fragile items, such as nice vases, should be kept safe at home.

Excess Clothing

Your student may have a tough time leaving behind items in their closet, but out of season or formal clothes will waste important closet space. Your student can replace summer clothes with warmer, fall clothing during Fall Break or Thanksgiving Break. A formal outfit can be temporarily stored in your student’s room when there is a formal dance or dinner event that your student plans to attend.

Large Furniture

Your student may want to bring a bookcase or an extra table or dresser to increase their storage space, but keep in mind that they may not have room for extra furniture after moving in. IWU provides a dresser and two desks with built-in bookcases for each dorm room, which will provide storage space for your student outside their closet. The Marion community has a variety of local retailers where students can purchase additional storage systems if they need them after moving in.

Sports Gear

Is your student an athlete or fitness buff? If so, they may be concerned about storing their sports gear. The Recreation and Wellness on campus can help with that. Rather than bringing their own athletic equipment, students are able to borrow a variety of items, such as basketballs, weights, volleyballs and badminton equipment.

Other Things Provided by IWU

Your student’s mattress will be made of vinyl or will come with a mattress cover, so your student will not need to worry about bringing their own mattress cover. Your student can also leave their favorite movies at home as they will be able to borrow a variety of games and movies from the front desk in their residence hall. Additionally, the front desk is stocked with toilet paper for your student to pick up as needed.

Was this list helpful? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below! If you have questions, please contact Director of Housing Crystal Kitten at crystal.kitten@indwes.edu.

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  1. Angelica Grunden
    July 31, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Thanks for this list! What about cleaning the bathrooms in the suites? Are they responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms? Will they need to bring toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush, or are those provided?

    We are also wondering what the height is under the bed at its maximum lifted (not lofted) height? When we toured the dorms, we noticed girls had lifted beds and had storage containers under them.

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