“Mom, Dad, we forgot my…”

This is exactly the phone call you don’t want to get from your college student!

It’s almost time for school to start, and making sure your student has everything they need for their college experience can be overwhelming! Let us help with this “commonly forgotten items” checklist.


1. Trashcan – Extra trash bags

Trashcans don’t seem that important until you don’t have one. Remember to bring extra trash bags to move-in day as you’ll end up with a lot of trash by the time you’re all moved in.



2. Extension Cords

It can be difficult to arrange your room in a way that you have access to outlets. Be sure to pack a few extension cords and power strips to enhance your dorm room experience.


3. Cleaning Supplies

Let’s face it. We’re messy. Grab a bucket, some Clorox wipes, old wash cloths and a toilet scrubber. You’re going to need them at some point.



4. Beach Towel

There are those occasional days when you hit the pool, go mud sliding or are trying to transport fragile items. You’ll want a beach towel instead of using the same towel you shower with (hopefully) everyday.



5. Can opener

Someday you’ll say to yourself, “I’m capable of making my own food! I’ll make my own dinner.” You’ll go to dump your can of soup into your pot and find that you aren’t capable of making your own dinner because you can’t get the can of soup open. Don’t let this day come into fruition.



6. Batteries

Remotes use them, flashlights use them, clocks, your toothbrush, Christmas decorations. The list is endless and eventually, you’ll wish you had them.



7. Umbrella

It rains in the Midwest and you’re going to need an umbrella every now and again. While we’re on the subject, you should invest in some fashionable rain boots/shoes/Chacos/Tevas for when the rainy season comes.



8. Band-Aids

Parents, please don’t freak out, but your student is going to bleed at some point. Sending them off with a small first aid kit is not a bad idea.



9. HDMI Cord/HDMI adapter for Macs

There will come a time when you’ll need to share your Netflix with your friends or throw a movie marathon party. Having one or two HDMI cords on hand is always appreciated.



10. Air Freshener

Whether it’s a plug in, a timed spritz or out of a bottle, you’ll be thankful that your room smells like a meadow at dawn rather than your roommate’s socks!



11. Playing Cards

The Midwest loves cards (Euchre!). Having a few decks of cards will make you the life of the party!



12. Plunger

With a great bathroom comes great responsibility. If you have the opportunity to have your own bathroom, you don’t want to wait until you’re in a sticky situation to realize you need a plunger.


Hopefully this list helps prevent any extra stress that comes with moving a student into college. If you do happen to forget to pack any of the necessities, the magical world of Meijer is only three short minutes away from campus.

Feel like this list is incomplete? Please comment any forgotten items you would add!


  1. Don’t forget your coats!!! I forgot mine freshman year…coming from a place where 1″ of snow gets you a free snow day and 20 degree weather is a cold snap…the beginning of October was not fun for me.

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