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Is your student interested in studying abroad but doesn’t want to dedicate an entire semester to doing so? Well, good news! Indiana Wesleyan offers a plethora of May Term study abroad courses where students can travel to various places around the world. Through these experiences, students can expect to foster a global mindset, prepare for their careers, learn from experts and develop cultural responsiveness.

Below are just a few study abroad opportunities that IWU students are experiencing right now during May Term 2018.

WRI-370: Travel Writing

Students registered for this annual course will travel throughout Ireland surrounded by the beauty of Irish scenery, cities and history. They will live in community with Irish citizens as they cultivate their understanding of travel writing as a profession. The course is heavily focused on daily journals and essays for students to complete. This trip is sponsored by the Division of Modern Language and Literature and costs $3,500 per student.

BUS-390: International Business

Does your student have an interest in business and economics? If so, your student will be excited about the annual opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, while studying how politics, cultures and economics influence business practices. Students who have registered for this course will also reflect on how international business practices affect American business. The trip costs $4,000 per student.

BIO-325: Sustainable Tropical Agriculture

The Biology Department is offering an annual trip to Guatemala for students to gain firsthand experience of tropical agriculture while working on Guatemalan farms. They will learn about unique plants farmed in Guatemala and about agricultural techniques used to help farmers who live in poverty. This trip involves camping and costs $2,531 per student.

LDR-265: International Servant Leadership Experience

Students registered for this course will explore Budapest, Hungary, while learning about Hungarian culture, tradition and history. Students will also develop their servanthood and leadership skills while engaging in service projects with One Mission Society. The trip costs $2,900 per student.

CDV-225: Issues in Human Trafficking

While taking this course, students will travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where they will engage with Global Partners to prevent human trafficking and complete service projects in villages and orphanages. Students will also learn how to care for trafficking victims and how to contribute to prevention efforts themselves. A $3,000 course and travel fee per student is required.

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