May Term FAQ

Would your student like to earn credit outside the fall and spring semesters without taking a class online? The good news is that May Term is the perfect alternative! If you and your student are unsure what May Term is, keep reading to get the details.

What is May Term?

May Term takes place during the month of May. Students have the opportunity to stay on campus for an extra three weeks to take any available course they choose. Students may enroll in two to four credit hours.

When does May Term begin?

May Term classes for 2019 begin on May 1 and conclude on May 23.

What is the cost for May Term?

May Term tuition is $519 per credit hour, and a meal plan is optional. Partial meal plans are $153, and full meal plans are $285.

Do May Term students have the option to take classes off campus?

Students have the option to take travel courses during May Term. For May 2019 Students will be able to travel with their classes to places such as Austria, Germany and France. The registration deadline for these classes has already passed for May 2019, but they may interest your student for next year! For more information about travel classes during May and summer terms visit

Where will my student live during May Term?

All May Term students will live in Beckett or South hall. Students move into May Term housing on April 30. Students must fill out a May Term housing application on their Housing Homepage.

How can my student register for May Term?

Your student can register for May Term by logging onto the portal and following these steps:

  1. Select “Plan and Register for Courses.”
  2. Select “Plan and Schedule.”
  3. Select “Timeline,” which is next to “Schedule.”
  4. Select “Add a Term,” and a drop down menu will appear with additional terms to add.

After selecting any May or Summer Term your student chooses he or she will be able to search for courses in the search bar and add them to their schedule. To register for the new courses, your student will need their academic adviser’s approval.

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