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What is Life Coaching?

School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning

Life coaching is partnering with clients in a meaningful, thoughtful, and creative process to prompt personal and professional growth. Life coaching utilizes students’ strengths and natural talents to maximize their potential and effectively meet goals. Through coaching, students work toward life balance, personal calling and purpose clarification, and life fulfillment. Life coaching enables students to gain a more holistic understanding of who God created them to be and empowers them to make choices that align with their values, purpose, and strengths. The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides life coaching to students in order to fulfill its mission in assisting individuals in discovering their unique, God-given design, developing their sense of life calling, and equipping them for future personal and professional development:

  • Life coaching is a special service available to all undergraduate students at IWU
  • Life coaching at IWU is free
  • All students are welcome and eligible for the service: No referral is needed
  • Life coaching takes a positive approach to achieving goals and making progress through looking at students’ strengths and God-given design

Life coaching can be difficult to define and explain, particularly if it has not been experienced by the one trying to explain it! In an effort to understand what life coaching is, it can be helpful to identify what life coaching is NOT:

  • Counseling, consulting, or mentoring
  • A “how-to” process
  • New Age or ethereal practices and teachings
  • A twelve-step success program

Rather, life coaching is based on a foundation of positive psychology, which entails utilizing students’ strengths and natural creativity to overcome obstacles and effectively achieve goals. Coaches are professionally trained to work with students through skills and techniques that are based in positive psychology research and methods.

Students who receive life coaching have the opportunity to clarify their sense of purpose and calling, set and achieve goals, and discover more about their uniqueness. They are then encouraged to serve out of that sense of calling and being. Students can start to identify their passions and align those passions and sense of calling with their chosen fields and majors. As a result, life coaching is an opportunity for students to obtain life balance, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

For more information, as well as to see a breakdown of what life coaching entails, please visit our website.

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