Junior Checklist

Calling all parents of soon-to-be juniors! Your student has completed half of their college career, and your family probably cannot believe that he or she will be a junior in three months. While your student is enjoying their summer, as a parent you have likely begun wondering how your student can prepare to start their junior year. Luckily for you both, we have a checklist below for your junior to use.

Work and Volunteer Experience

If your student has not started getting professional experience in their field of interest, it is a good idea to start now! Even an entry level job or volunteer position will be helpful experience. For example, if your student intends to teach elementary students, then working or volunteering at a summer camp or a tutoring service would be great experience. If your student hopes to be a nurse, then working as a CNA or volunteering at a hospital or clinic would be a great place to start.

Junior Job Shadow

Your student may be feeling confident in their major of choice by now, but it is always helpful to learn more! By shadowing a professional in their career of choice, your student can learn about the potential work environment, expected work load and more.

Connect with Alumni

Your student may not know someone whom they can job shadow, but the Career Development Office can connect your student with plenty of alumni from their field of interest. You can also find alumni by contacting alumni@indwes.edu. Alumni are happy to connect with students and answer any questions they may have. Additionally, it is helpful to connect with alumni to begin networking professionally.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great website to use when starting a professional network, which will be a great tool to use when looking for post-graduation employment. Your student will want to check and update their profile about once a week to make sure potential employers can see the full picture of their work and volunteer experiences. Encourage your student to make his or her self visible on LinkedIn! Now is the time to make sure employers know your student will be a looking for employment in their field.

Develop an Online Resume

The Career Development Office encourages student to make online resumes with pictures and videos about their professional experience, extracurricular activities and hobbies. Your student will stand out to potential employers when they include a link to their personalized online resume on a LinkedIn profile or on their resume. Online resumes can be created for free with websites such as wix.com or weebly.com. Sites like these also include templates for users that make getting started easy!

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