Journey to Fall

Journey to Fall: What You Need to Know

As a parent, you want to stay informed about your student’s life at college, especially when he or she is preparing for future semesters. Because you and your student may have questions about preparing for fall 2018, we have compiled a list of important things to know about “Journey to Fall,” which is a helpful checklist for returning students to complete before the end of the spring semester.

  1. Make sure there are no holds on your student’s account.

Holds can be placed on accounts due to a deficiency in chapel credits from the fall semester or unpaid balances on student accounts. Chapel credits must be made up, and any unpaid balances need to be cleared before your student can register for classes. This is meant to assist your student in avoiding debt that is not covered by financial aid. Student account services can be contacted at for any questions. In addition, a lack of immunization records and health forms on record with the IWU Health Center will prevent students from registering for classes. Health forms can be found online at:

  1. Ensure your student schedules an appointment with their academic advisor.

This will allow your student to schedule courses for fall 2018. It is encouraged for your student to think about their desired coursework ahead of time because advisor approval is necessary for registration. Online registration can be completed after the student’s window for registration is open and after all holds are cleared. Your student’s advisor and Registration and Academic Services provide excellent resources for answering questions. Registration and Academic Services can be contacted at 765-677-2590.

  1. File the FAFSA before April 15.

Filing the FAFSA with 2016 tax information will allow your student to apply for financial aid from IWU. When applying for a financial aid package, sooner is better. It is beneficial to know about any loans your student is eligible for because IWU encourages students to complete loan paperwork before July 1. This allows for your student’s loans and other financial aid to be processed by the payment deadline on Aug. 15. Financial Aid can be contacted with questions at

  1. Sign up for housing.

After all of the above steps have been completed, your student can fill out a housing application in February to be eligible for a housing sign-up time between March 19 and 30. All roommates must be approved for housing before applying to live together. For more information, the Housing office can be contacted at

To support your student through this stressful process, encourage him/her and ask how the fall 2018 preparations are going. Find out what your student is looking forward to in the coming semester. Offer support and assurance when and if your student experiences obstacles or does not see fall 2018 happen as planned, and if you thought this post was helpful, share it with your student.

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