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Hey, senior parents! Although summer has officially started here at Indiana Wesleyan University, we know our students are already busy with summer jobs, travel plans and community involvement. However, we know the fall semester will arrive quicker than we think! To ensure your student is best prepared for their next year at IWU, we’ve put together a checklist of things your student can be working on this summer. We hope you’ll find it helpful and, in turn, encourage your student in these areas!

If you have a soon-to-be SENIOR, then this checklist is for you! In the coming weeks, we will have separate checklists for parents of juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Submit Graduation Applications  

All seniors should submit their graduation applications to Registration and Academic Services at least two full semesters prior to their projected graduation. Your student can access an application by logging into the portal and visiting selecting the “Graduating Seniors” tab on the right.

Complete a Senior Internship

By now, your senior may be working at a summer internship to gain experience in their field of choice. It is highly recommended that students have internships because IWU graduates with internship experience have a 100% job placement after college. If your student does not have an internship this summer, he or she can reach out to the Career Development Office on campus to inquire about internships in Grant County during the school year.

To learn more about the Career Development Office, visit visit the Handshake login page to set up a profile and connect with employers at

Join a Professional Organization

Professional organizations exist in every field, and students can join these organizations before they graduate. For example, Social Work majors might consider joining the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Some of these professional organizations may even have discounted rates for students to join and be eligible to attend meetings and conferences or even gain access to online resources to help them begin networking and learning about their field of interest. They also often advertise open positions within the industry on their sites.

Update Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

As your student has gained new work and volunteer experiences, he or she may have forgotten to include those experiences on their resume or their LinkedIn profile. It is a good idea to keep these updated for potential employers to view and learn everything they need to know about your student. Your student should be checking their LinkedIn profile about once a week in order to make any necessary updates, connect with new contacts and share pertinent articles related to their field. LinkedIn is purely for professional networking and learning.

Tip: Urge your student to get a professional headshot taken this summer.

Have a Professional Interview Outfit

As your student continues to network and begins scheduling job interviews with potential employers during the school year, it is important to have a professional outfit ready ahead of time. This outfit will be critical to your student’s ability to make good first impressions at interviews and professional events. The Career Development office offers the “Career Closet,” which offers gently used and dry-cleaned professional clothing that has been donated for student use. Each student is allowed one complete professional outfit per year, and the items do not need to be returned.


Your student has probably begun dreaming of their life after college, but it is important to know the realities they will face after graduation. Researching the cost of living and salaries in areas they may consider moving to after school is one way your student can begin making informed financial decisions about their life after college. Your student should also research potential employers in the areas he or she wants to live so they are aware of potential job opportunities. Finally, reading reviews about potential employers will give your student a glimpse into their work environments. Check out, an online resource for reading reviews about employers, interview experiences and salaries.

Was this checklist helpful? Are there any preparations your senior student is doing that we did not include? Let us know in the comments below!

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