Research with the Hodson Research Institute

Is your student studying Biology, Chemistry or Physics? If so, he or she may be interested in getting involved in hands-on research with Indiana Wesleyan University’s Hodson Research Institute (HRI). The HRI was founded for the purpose of providing funding for students to complete original undergraduate research alongside faculty—a rare opportunity! Some IWU students who participate in HRI are even getting published due to the scope of their research projects.

If you think your student would be a good fit for the program, keep reading for four of the most frequently asked questions!

  1. How can my student join this program?

If your student is interested in pursuing this opportunity next summer, then he or she will need to partner with an IWU faculty member in January and begin applying to receive funding from the HRI over the summer.

  1. When does the program take place?

Your student will engage in research with faculty and other students for eight weeks over the summer.

  1. How many students can be part of this research?

The HRI funds between fifteen and twenty students each summer. This year, there are fifteen students receiving funds while working with ten faculty members.

  1. What topics are researched?

Topics vary each summer. This summer, there are eight research studies taking place, and their topics include:

  • Neuronal signaling in the retina
  • Insulin signaling in genetically modified mice
  • Grafting to improve hardiness of crop vegetables
  • Treatments for osteonecrosis of the jaw
  • Computational modeling, design and synthesis of targeted enzyme inhibitors
  • Interaction of HIV with cellular proteins
  • Antimicrobial properties of essential oils
  • Annotation of the genomes of extremophile bacteria
  • Building a rotating field mass spectrometer

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