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Getting the Most Out of Your College Visit

Susanna Spencer
Admissions Counselor

Are you getting ready to visit colleges? If so, you should plan a few things you want to do while you’re on campus. Scheduling your day will allow you to better experience life on campus and explore your major(s) of interest, so check out our list of suggestions for making your visit worthwhile.

Meet your Admissions Counselor

Take advantage of the connection you can make with your Admissions Counselor while on campus. This person will be your contact throughout the admissions process, and is excited to work with you and help you along this journey. And of course, it always helps to put a face to those texts, emails, and phone calls.

Take a campus tour

An official tour of campus allows you to get an inside look at student life. See the academic buildings where you’ll have classes and advising; explore the Student Center; and of course, visit the residence halls.

Visit a class

Know the major you’re interested in studying? Great – now visit a class within that major. One of the best ways to get an idea of what you’ll be learning is to experience it with current students and see why they are passionate about it.

Meet with a professor

Try to spend some time with a faculty member within your major of interest, as well. Faculty are the best resources for gaining insight into your major of interest, and learning opportunities within the major, such as hands-on experience and/or internship opportunities.

Meet your Financial Aid Counselor

If you have questions about the FAFSA, or about the Financial Aid Package created for you, feel free to ask your Financial Aid Counselor, who will be your contact from the time of your acceptance until the time you graduate. This person can help with the loan process and make sure your Financial Aid Package is as it should be.

Stay overnight

Extend your visit by staying overnight. Experience what it’s like to live on campus as a student – after having visited a class and gleaned what you could from a professor, have dinner in the dining hall and spend an evening experiencing the community life where the students reside.

Schedule your campus visit today!

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