Freshman Checklist

Can you believe it? Your student is going to be a freshman in college this fall! Your student probably cannot wait to move into their residence hall in August. But, both of you may be wondering how your student can put their excitement to good use and begin preparing for college in the fall.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of six things that your incoming freshman can work on this summer to ensure their transition to college life is a smooth one!

Submit prior college transcripts

If your student has college credits from dual credit in high school or prior transfer credits, an official college transcript is needed from each institution. Please send transcripts to:

Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953


Or, your student can have electronic transcripts emailed to:


Get a summer job

Any summer job will provide your student with good work experience, and there will be important lessons along the way for any career path. Your student will have opportunities to practice taking initiative, cultivate their communication skills and build professional relationships.

Research campus jobs and organizations

Outside classes, your student will crave community, and they will want fun things to do with their new friends! Researching campus jobs and activities will give your student some ideas for their spare time at IWU. Find open positions for your freshman here: Knowing about campus jobs that may be enjoyable will also give your student the chance to apply early before positions fill up.

Get to know your roommate(s)

Your student may have yet to meet their roommate in person, but that is no reason to move in with a stranger! Encourage your student to get in touch with their roommate using the contact information provided by the housing department. Your student will feel more confident moving in with a friend this fall.

Get to know your RA and peer educator

At the end of the summer, your student will receive texts or phone calls from their RA and peer educator. Your student’s peer educator is a returning student who will assist students in their First Year Experience course, and your student’s RA— or resident assistant— will live just down the hall. Encourage your student to get to know them and ask questions! They will be great resources throughout the year.

Research textbook prices

This is likely your student’s first time paying for their own textbooks, which can be expensive. If your student is interested in saving money on their books, encourage them to check their textbook list on the IWU bookstore website. By doing so, he or she can see the prices of textbooks from the bookstore and compare them with the prices of textbooks from sites like Half Price Books, Chegg, Thrift Books or Amazon.

What are some other ways your student is preparing for the fall? Need help packing for move in? Find it here:



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