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When choosing a college or university, gaining knowledge of the various resources offered to students on campus can be beneficial – especially since many of these resources are of no cost to students. Below is a list of services that IWU’s residential students have access to any time between freshman and senior year, free of charge!

Life Calling & Career

Whether you’ve declared a major or not, IWU’s Life Calling & Career office employs certified Life Coaches who are here to help you as you seek to discover God’s calling on your life. Our Life Coaches use a variety of methods to help you understand and articulate your unique gifts and strengths, and equip you with life skills for personal and professional development. Life coaching can help students gain direction for choosing a major, or solidify the major they’ve already chosen.

Additionally, Career Development services are offered to prepare you for your intended career path. These services include help with résumé building, internship placement, interview skills, graduate school applications, and job applications. With these resources at your fingertips, you can be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills you need for landing a job after graduation or furthering your education.

Center for Student Success

If you’re struggling with a class, why not meet with an upperclassman who took it before you and got an A? Students who are hired as tutors through IWU’s Center for Student Success are professor-recommended, so they know the course material and how to help other students succeed.

The Center also employs full-time licensed counselors who are here to help students work through life’s many obstacles and manage stress. Having someone to talk to is healthy, so why not meet with a professional who is trained to listen and offer advice?

The Ink Well

Through The Ink Well, students can meet with peer writing consultants, or tutors, who are trained to work with any step in the writing process, including research and brainstorming. Tutors help students find weaknesses in their writing and suggest ways to improve organization, purpose, and focus. Plus, some professors offer extra credit for meeting with an Ink Well tutor, so setting up an appointment could benefit you in more ways than one.

Campus Police

IWU’s Campus Police are full-time Sheriff’s deputies who serve with the Grant County Police Department as well as the campus security team. There are always at least two officers on duty who can be contacted directly at 765-677-4911. The Campus Police office serves the student body in many ways, one of which is IWU Safe Ride, a service available for students who need a ride anywhere on campus after 9:00pm.

In addition, Rave Guardian is an app students can download onto their smart phones to improve safety on- or off-campus. Three highlights of this app are: 1) setting a safety timer so others can check on you when you’re by yourself or someplace unfamiliar; 2) creating a list of guardians with whom you can quickly and easily connect; and 3) calling in or texting tips and emergencies to IWU’s Campus Police office, including photographs. Students can also elect to receive IWU Rave Alerts through text or email in an emergency such as severe weather. Utilizing these services is a great way to improve overall campus safety.

Campus Faculty

Last but not least, the IWU faculty are a valuable resource for students both inside and outside of the classroom. As your professors, they are certainly here to teach you course material, but that’s not all. IWU is an unapologetically Christ-centered institution, where staff and faculty seek to help students grow spiritually as well as academically. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, it’s easy to get to know your professors and receive individualized attention. It’s not uncommon for students and professors to meet outside of class at IWU’s McConn Coffee Company, or elsewhere around campus for mentoring and prayer. Your professors are a wellspring of knowledge, ready to offer wisdom and support when you need it.


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