How to Get an On-Campus Student Job

We know working a job while in school is a core part of many college students’ lives. At Indiana Wesleyan, we’re blessed to be able to offer our students many on-campus job options! Between the hustle and bustle of classes, study sessions and extra curricular activities, being able to work on campus is a convenient way to make some money.

To help your student find an on-campus job, we’ve compiled some information we hope you find helpful!

Where To Find Job Listings:

Each year, on-campus positions are published on the IWU Portal. Your student simply needs to log into their portal and go to the Human Resources page, where they will find a complete list of available positions. For the direct link, click here.

How To Apply:

Each position will have a description that details job requirements and work schedule. Once your student finds a position (or several) that interests them, they can apply directly through the portal.

Types of Positions:

While there are a wide variety of positions across campus, some of the most popular locations where students work at IWU include the Jackson Library, Recreation and Wellness Center, residence halls, and facilities.

Forms Needed to Work on Campus:

Once your student is employed, they will need to fill out direct deposit and tax forms in the IWU Payroll Office. Your student will also need to present ID upon filling out the tax forms. If they have a passport that is the only ID they will need. If they don’t have a passport, they will need two pieces of ID—one of which needs to be a picture ID, such as a driver’s license, school ID or voter registration card. The other piece of ID could be a social security card or birth certificate. All forms of ID presented must be original documents. Copies cannot be accepted.   

As a parent, you can assist your student by helping them determine the exemptions they should file on their tax forms. You can also provide your student with banking information for their direct deposit form.

If you or your student has any questions, contact Kim Said, student payroll coordinator, at


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