Dear Graduating Seniors…

Dear graduating seniors,

As I was thinking of you graduating in just a few days, I decided to write a prayer out for you.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you so much for our soon-to-be graduating seniors and how you have helped them during their time at Indiana Wesleyan University. As they prepare to leave the context of IWU may they always remember to give their whole life to you. May they continue to choose to follow You with their whole heart; full of love and adoration.

May these graduating seniors have the desire to have open eyes to see the needs of those around them and then help them to find their way into Your kingdom. Continue to use them in special and mighty ways. In fact, use them in supernatural ways. Help them to use the talents You have given each of them for Your glory. Help them to always shine brightly for you.

Today, and every day, help them to decrease so that You may increase in them. Help them to love purely, humbly and generously. Show them how to receive more of You so that they may have more to give to others. Help them to love you wholeheartedly and to serve You fully. 

O Lord, help these graduating seniors to “float” in Your presence and in Your power.

Continue to allow Your divine blessing to rest upon each of them as they obediently follow Your call upon their lives.

I pray the words of Andrew Murray over them,

Lord, may not a single moment of our graduating seniors’ lives and ministries be spent outside the light, love, and joy of Your presence and not a moment without the entire surrender of themselves, as vessels for You to fill full with your Spirit and with Your love.”


Dear Father, bless, empower, fill and protect our graduation seniors as they move outwards, beyond the boundaries of IWU, to serve You. Amen.


Graduating seniors, know that you are loved in Christ.

Umfundisi Jim Lo

IWU Campus Pastor-Intercessor / Professor

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