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College Tips for High School Seniors

Susanna Spencer
Admissions Counselor

Have you already been accepted to college, but still have to complete your senior year of high school? Here are a few tips to help you be best prepared for college, both academically and financially.

Keep Studying

It might be easy to think your senior year of high school is the year you can kick up your feet and put studying aside. The reality is, maintaining a strong GPA can benefit you in more ways than one.

First… IWU Admissions will accept any GPA increase through July 1st of your senior year, which could potentially raise your academic award. Ask your Admissions Counselor what this looks like for you, then create a goal and work toward it.

Second… take some advanced placement or dual credit courses which could apply toward your college degree. Doing well in your classes could also allow you to test out of some general education college courses.

Retest. Then Test Again.

In addition to working on your GPA, take the time to retake the SAT or ACT, or both. IWU accepts scores from either test and uses your highest score, along with your GPA, to determine your academic award. That being said, an increase in test scores could also move you up to the next award level before you come to campus as a freshman. If you’re retaking the SAT, IWU will “super score” by using your highest marks from each SAT subject.

Apply for Scholarships

Continue to search for scholarships until you’ve exhausted all your options. Some students come to college wishing they had received more aid, without researching what else is available. IWU accepts any outside scholarships you receive, so in addition to looking at our list of scholarships, make sure to check with your high school and your Community Foundation for other opportunities, and then apply away! We want you to come to college confident you’ve done all you can to make your education as affordable as possible.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Admissions Team!

Email: admissions@indwes.edu
Phone: 866-468-6498
Web: indwes.edu/undergraduate

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