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5 Tips for Long-Distance Parenting

Many of our students travel a significant distance to study at IWU. We know long-distance parenting can be hard, so we asked a few parents and students how they stay connected “from a…

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Trek Week and Move-in

In just a couple of weeks, our campus will be bustling with freshmen and transfers, and we can’t wait! We know you are probably busy at home buying bedding, ordering textbooks, packing…

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How to Get an On-Campus Student Job

We know working a job while in school is a core part of many college students’ lives. At Indiana Wesleyan, we’re blessed to be able to offer our students many on-campus job…

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What *Not* to Bring to IWU

We know how stressful it can be preparing your student for college! Freshman year marks a new and unfamiliar period in your student’s life. On top of preparing academically and mentally, packing can…

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Your student is home! Now what?

All of us look forward to the day that our students come home for the summer! They arrive having had new experiences and having made new friends. They have adopted new schedules…

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Graduation: 7 Things to Know

Your student’s graduation is all set to begin on April 28 at 10:00 a.m., and you cannot believe how fast it has come. There is so much to do, and your entire…

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5 Things To Do Before the Semester Ends

The spring semester ends all too quickly for IWU students, and it seems like there are a million things for your student to do, which can make this a stressful time of…

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Journey to Fall

Journey to Fall: What You Need to Know As a parent, you want to stay informed about your student’s life at college, especially when he or she is preparing for future semesters.…

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IWU Health Center

We understand it’s difficult knowing your student is sick when they are away from home, but Indiana Wesleyan University’s Health Center is committed to ensuring they are well taken care of while…

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Free Student Resources - Indiana Wesleyan

Free Resources for Students

When choosing a college or university, you should know the various resources offered – especially since many of these resources are of no cost to students!

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