Care Package Essentials

Your  IWU student is over halfway done with their fall semester this year, and they probably cannot wait to have time to rest over Thanksgiving and Christmas break! For now, they need to keep going strong to finish the semester. One way you can encourage your student to keep working hard is by sending them a care package from home! Below is a list of care package ideas your student might enjoy receiving from you!

An Encouraging Note

Sometimes your student might like to know they have a cheerleader back home when they are stressed about upcoming exams and projects. Your support can show them they are not alone in their hard work! A song suggestion or a comforting scripture passage can also be a good message to include.

Snack Food Items

Does your student enjoy movie nights with their friends? Popcorn is a yummy snack to send for these occasions! Ramen makes another warm snack for chilly days. When we asked students what snacks they might like to receive, their responses included goldfish crackers, chocolate and fruit snacks.

Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are a great way to stay cozy. We are sure your student will agree!

Drink Mixes

Fall and cold weather are finally upon us, so your student might appreciate something warm to drink! Hot chocolate or apple cider mix can be the perfect remedies to your student’s cravings. Tea is another great option!

Cooking Magazines

Is your student a culinary artist? A magazine with some recipes to try will be a fun addition to your care package!

Coloring Supplies

Coloring is a popular way to relieve stress, and who doesn’t want fresh colored pencils?

Gift Cards

Between study sessions and classes, your student might want to grab something to eat or drink off campus. Gift cards are an easy way to treat your student to coffee or dinner with friends. A gas card is also a helpful way to fund your student’s drive home for breaks!


If you have a bookworm on your hands, then you know a new book is a good way to decompress at the end of the day!

Flu Season Supplies

Flu season is upon us, and nothing is worse than being sick during a busy semester! Help your student stay healthy by sending hand sanitizer, zinc and vitamin C supplements and tissues in case of sickness.

Extra School Supplies

Students can never have too many pens or extra notebooks for taking notes in classes and chapel! If your student enjoys journaling or writing, then an extra notebook might be exactly what they need.

Miscellaneous or Fun Supplies 

Some students like having something fun to play with as a distraction during study breaks. Some of these fun things can include balloons, bouncy balls and bubble wrap!

If you don’t have enough time to create your own care package, you can also order pre-made ones!

Pre-made Packages

The Bridge Care Packages

Send your student a hand delivered care package from The Bridge Cafe on Tuesday during finals week (12/10)! Complete with a handwritten note from you. You can purchase and customize your care package here. Be sure to get your order in by December 1st!
(Photo courtesy of The Bridge)

Wildcat Care Package

Sometimes it is nice to know that you can guarantee your student gets their care package in time for finals week. Lucky for you, the Alumni Association has care packages available to deliver to your student on December 4—just in time for finals week! Care packages include applesauce, granola bars, candy, fruit snacks and more! You can order one for your student by November 25 at

Were these ideas helpful? What does your student love to get in their care packages? Let us know in the comments below!


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