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4 College Presentation Hacks

Presentations can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of being a college student. Use these presentation hacks to boost your confidence!

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5 Productive Things to Do This Summer

It's here at last: summer – the time you’ve been waiting for since the first syllabus landed on your desk at the beginning of the school year. Now what?

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Free Student Resources - Indiana Wesleyan

Free Resources for Students

When choosing a college or university, you should know the various resources offered – especially since many of these resources are of no cost to students!

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Indiana Wesleyan - Co-Curricular

The Importance of Co-Curriculars

While classroom experience is very important, future employers are also looking for things that can't be revealed by grades or test scores. This is where co-curricular activities enter the picture!

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Students studying outside at Indiana Wesleyan.

Wildcat Summer Academy

Is your high school student looking for a fun learning experience this summer? Maybe they want to get a taste of the college experience? Check out the Wildcat Summer Academy!

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Indiana Wesleyan Application

Keys to a Successful College Application

It’s easy to get nervous when filling out a college application—you have to answer questions and hope that you “pass.” It can be a very stressful process to go through, but it…

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Campus Images at Indiana Wesleyan University

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a College

What do you think attracts most students to a college? Location? Programs? Reputation? Whatever your priority is in a school, remember that the right institution should have more than just academics.

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IWU - College Visit

Getting the Most Out of Your College Visit

Are you getting ready to visit colleges? If so, check out our list of suggestions for getting the most out of your college visit.

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IWU - College Tips

College Tips for High School Seniors

Already been accepted to college, but still have to complete senior year of high school? Here are a few tips to help you be prepared for college, both academically and financially.

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A common question among high school students these days is whether to take the ACT or SAT before applying to colleges. Listen to what IWU's Director of Admissions has to say about…

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