A Letter to a Senior from a Parent | Letter 2

A couple of days ago, I reached out to a couple of parents and asked them to help with a blog idea. The idea would be for parents to write a letter to the students. My thought was that it would be good for all of us to hear how a couple of parents are responding to our current events. What I wasn’t prepared for was the response from the parents that participated. One parent responded with “Thanks for asking me to do this! It actually helped bring a lot of healing to my heart as well.”

Below is the second of three “letters to seniors from parents” that we will share. Feel free to take the time to read these blogs from other experienced parents. Glean from their “voices” some advice and peace. Then, maybe, write one of your own. Perhaps this is a way for you to process the healing that your heart needs as well.

– Krista

Classmates of my kids,

I am so sorry your year has ended in such a disappointing way. I know it is frustrating to have to say early good-byes to your friends and professors. And while you love your family, you now have an independent life with dozens of like-minded friends that you value… and that you wish could continue uninterrupted.

It’s okay that you are disappointed. It’s okay that you want to stay with your friends. We were created to grow up and become independent. And this virus makes it feel as if you are losing that. And there isn’t really time to process all of the emotions you are feeling while looking at a growing list of things to do.

I’m so sorry.

I’m praying that during this disappointment, you will find moments of reassurance. My own experiences teach me that the relationships you have built at IWU will stand the tests of time and distance. And while you will have to adjust to a new learning format for the rest of the semester, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Your professors are trying to quickly adapt to new ways of teaching. They will need your grace as they modify their instruction, and will undoubtably extend grace as a result.

Know that as you transition in this strange time, that you are prayed for. I’m trusting you will experience God’s grace and peace in this crazy time.

David Henry (Dad to Alexander, Isaiah and Emma)


What words of comfort and encouragement do you want to share with your child?

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