5 Finals Week Tips

The semester is wrapping up, which means finals week is just around the corner. Even if this year is not your student’s first at IWU, finals week can be stressful. We know you want to encourage your student and help them perform well on their exams, but may be at a loss for how to do so from afar. Below is a list of various ways that you can support your student through finals week and show you care!

1. Send Care Packages

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that students love receiving care packages. Extra snacks, a handwritten note or something like new, warm socks to show you care will make your student’s day. You can also send your student a McConn gift card, which is available at https://www.mcconncoffee.org/shop-1/.

2. Give Helpful Advice

When your student is stressed about finals, it is good to encourage self-care practices. He or she will need plenty of sleep through the rest of the semester, especially the night before taking final exams. Your student may also need reminders to eat healthy in order to have enough energy to focus on studying well.

Additionally, reminders about academic resources may be helpful for your student.  Study sessions for classes are a great opportunity for asking questions, and the Ink Well is another great place to receive help with papers.

3. Remind Them About Safety

If your student is out studying after dark, then he or she may benefit from an on-campus service called Safe Ride, a program started by the IWU Campus Police Department. Your student can simply call Safe Ride to be picked up from their location and driven to their residence hall on campus. The number to Safe Ride is (765)-677-SAFE.

4. Send Encouraging Text Messages

Receiving an encouraging text message during the throes of finals week can help make your student feel more confident as they prepare for their exams. You may not receive an answer right away, but your student will definitely appreciate the encouragement and support.

5. Encourage Them to Take a Break

Be willing to listen to your student if they confide in you about their stress. Encourage your student to participate in stress-relieving activities, such as attending a Christmas party or coloring during a study break. Remind your student that some stress is normal, and even healthy, when preparing for exams. If you are concerned your student’s stress is taking a toll on their mental health, remind your student that they can talk to their professors or seek counseling services through the Center for Student Success.

What do you do to encourage your student through finals week? If we missed any ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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