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4 Things I Learned During My Freshman Year of College

Guest Blogger – Dezaray B.

IWU - Dezaray B.My freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan University was the biggest year of transition I have ever experienced. All of a sudden, you’re an adult, you have more freedom than you’ve ever had and the future seems much more real. During that year of change and growth, I learned a lot of very important and life-altering lessons.

1. Give Grace

College, especially freshman year, is spent in close proximity to a lot of people, which means a lot of disagreements. Whether it be with a roommate, suitemate, friend, or even professor, remember the grace you have received from God, and be open to returning that grace to those around you. This time of transition is new for everyone.

2. Make Time for God

College is busy — possibly the busiest season of your life — but God should still be the most important aspect. If you can’t make time for worship, prayer, and time in the Word, you’re too busy or you’re prioritizing something incorrectly.

3. Milestones Are Not a Contest

In college, and especially at IWU where opportunities are abundant, many people around you are experiencing special events and life milestones. Friends are getting A’s on big exams, receiving job offers, studying abroad, acquiring summer internships or even getting engaged. All these life adventures, while exciting and good, can turn into a competition. Am I accomplishing as much as my roommate? Did I get a better grade than my peer? Will my internship be better than my classmate’s? These questions are not only inappropriate, but also they ruin these achievements for yourself and those around you. Leave the comparison behind. Work hard to achieve your own goals, and congratulate those around you when they do the same.

4. Take College Seriously, But Not Too Seriously

College is a unique time of personal and professional growth, so take these four years of your life seriously. Do well in class, make time to study and get enough sleep. But also remember that college is something that only happens once, so don’t take it too seriously. Go to soccer games, spend movie nights with your friends, go to the big dance. It’s all about balance.

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