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16 Reasons Why I Know I Chose the Right School

Guest Blogger – Dezaray B.

From time to time we see articles or blogs posts about IWU. Recently, we came across this blog post written by a current IWU freshman. Dezaray is a member of the John Wesley Honors College and is a student in our Communications Department. In this post she puts many of the things that students love about IWU into words, and says it so much better than we ever could. So, we asked her permission to share it with you.

16 Reasons Why I Know I Chose the Right School

1. God is everywhere, all the time, in indescribable, unimaginable ways on this campus.

2. The residence halls are home. There’s a reason they’re ranked in the top three best (and most affordable) dorms in Indiana.

3. The honors college is ACA-AMAZING. But don’t get me started, I’ve got an entire post dedicated to that one.

4. The communication department is everything I could’ve asked for. When I say committed, inspired, small group of crazies, that’s what the communication/theatre department is.

5. IWU’s size is ideal. I see familiar faces everywhere, but still have the opportunity to meet new people.

6. IWU has a reputation that shines through most schools. When professionals ask where I attend school and I tell them I attend IWU, prestigious is a word they use to describe the school.

7. PRSSA is providing me with endless connections. The opportunities (and friendships) are endless at IWU’s amazing chapter of PR students.

8. My professors know my name (well, most of them) and they have genuine concerns about me. They have my best interest in mind.

9. My RAs & RD care. Even though they have hundreds of girls to get to know, they know my name and make a point to say hi to me.

10. Receiving/giving random compliments isn’t weird. “Hey, I like your boots,” is something I’ve been told multiple times from complete strangers.

11. The motto here inspires us all to be World Changers and we’re given possibilities to accomplish that.

12. My TRIO advisor wants what’s best for me like a parent does. The TRIO program makes my college experience easier and prepares me for the real world.

13. Everyone knows what you’re going through and is willing to help you through it.

14. Does the basketball team count? Because I want it to (I mean come on, as the number two school in the country we beat the number one school *hair flip*).

15. College Wesleyan Church. Most students don’t find a home church while they’re away at school, let alone three minutes walking distance from their back door.

16. It’s my home. This place has completely changed me. Through the tears and the laughs, I’ll never have the right words to sum this place up, but perfect is as close as I’ll ever get.

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